You Know You’re in Social Work School When…

2013-10-27 23.47.37

It’s easy to make fun of any major really. Those history majors with their indefinite employment at Starbucks and an infinite memory for stuff no one cares about. English majors and their incessant need to hear themselves string sentences together, while wearing an inexplicable Fedora hat that, if you knew anything about culture, you would understand. Physics majors and their smart theories about the universe. Computer scientists and their binary languages which produce technology that sustains human interaction as we know it.

Okay, so i lost some steam there–turns out some majors have more intrinsic value then others(I’m weeping on the inside too)–But Social work students–they have their own brand. And by ‘brand’ I mean, criticisms that I can’t sum up in a one sentence zinger. So naturally, here’s a list:

  1. Empathy is defined in your textbook, and most of your classes, multiple times. And now you have to go from being a regular sociopath to an empathetic listener because you missed the drop date. Thank god for those trusty definitions.
  2. You catch yourself trying not to ask your friends what their automatic thought was prior to the feeling they’ve just conveyed.
  3. There are 3 guys in your program–one gay, one much older and the other very married. I do think marriage is quantifiable. Trust.
  4. When the married one inevitable pulls you aside to inform you of how self-aware you are, you blush, because being self-aware is the equivalent of genius in social work school.
  5. Your teacher has no qualms about starting a lecture with “I know you’re all gonna think this is hoaky,” and proceeds with doing group breathing exercises.
  6. You are expected to bare whole whole soul/life experience/struggle in 500 words for most reflections.
  7. You get excited when you get 2000 words on a paper. It’s like you’re finally 3D again
  8. you’re constantly asking yourself about your own privileges, and trying to adjust accordingly. Getting closer to struggle is closer to an A++
  9. You do True Colors personality test in class, and learn that you score 23/24 on the blue scale which means you’re a huge sap who loves feelings and poems and other gheyness. Then you learn that 2/3rds of your program is right there in the blue category with you.
  10. You are constantly discussing feelings, and being prompted to open up. And you turn to blogging to keep you sane.

I actually love school up to this point. But man, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t making me a little bit nuts :). Now if you’ll excuse, I have to go watch a video on vulnerability.


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