Faces of Self Care

As someone who is both a supporter of women and a very sensitive human being, self care is essential in maintaining my well-being. Self care is the actions and initiatives people take to treat themselves well. It seems simple enough, but is too often complicated in application. Many times, people think self-care is the same as self-pampering, and sometimes, people (myself included) confuse self-care coping with coping that is actually self-harming (which is a nuanced issue–and debatably, certain actions can be both harming and caring, in that they are both methods of coping.)

Below are some methods of self-care, the big ones you would expect, and the little ones that get me through the day sometimes. If you are someone who self-cares, feel free to add that which gives you strength.

  1. Pulling my hair of my face. Because I like my face,
  2. Waking up earlier than I need to. Because then I’ve already done something right, even if it is only 4:30.
  3. Making myself do something I hate to do, that I have to do, so that I can be proud of myself yet again, even if it is only 4:45.
  4.  “You’re doing good enough, in that you’re doing it.”
  5. Not procrastinating. Hahahaha, yeah right.
  6. Procrastinating.
  7. Netflix, see 5, 6.
  8. Recognizing what I’ve succeeded at today. #thisblog
  9. Telling someone who deserves it to go fuck themselves.
  10. Trusting my gut.
  11. Only doing what I want to be doing. Selfish self care.
  12. Believing my perceptions, and allowing myself to feel my own feelings.
  13. Forgiving my own ongoing anxiety. Remembering that everything is one breath at a time.
  14. Remembering that my passions are great, but somehow, simultaneously, nothing fucking matters. Think about it. It’s the unbearable, beautiful lightness of being. You can’t change a damn thing. So relieving and suffocating all at once.
  15. Thinking of those who have treated me with respect, and allowing space to feel grateful for them.

I wasn’t specific to disability, cuz it didn’t show up for me today. No no, it’s still here, just, not in this post.Having said that, I am immensely jealous of people that can bath whenever they want. You self-care gods, you.


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