In case you’re not lucky enough to know Kristen in real-life, she’s a 20-something Social Work student with a bunch of sarcasm to offer the world, and enough belief in “equality for all” for 3 people.

Kristen also has a physical disability, so she uses a wheelchair. Most days, she writes this blog to keep track of her passions and to create a space for people in similar situations to relate. It touches on a lot of different topics, from trending social issues to bad dates to those sad days when you can’t do much more than eat Nutella by the spoonful. If you like her stuff, have suggestions for a blog post or are just feeling bold, feel free to follow her, comment, or email her at williamskristen519@ymail.com.

Kristen’s older, but less-mature blog can be found here: http://kristen155.blogspot.ca/.

Kristen’s cat blog, because none of her friends will listen to her kitty-related stories, are here: //andmycat.wordpress.com

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