The Importance of Saying Thanks.

When I first started my feminism kick, I briefly got into “Gratitude Lit.” If you have two working eyes and an internet connection, you probably already know that gratitude lit is this self-help/empowerment bit that promotes thankfullness as a way of life/path to happiness/solutiontostopdrinkingsomuch. Its main goal is to make people happier, and therefore healthier.

As maybe you might have figured, I couldn’t keep it up for long, as I am a certifiable grump. But every now and then when I think of it,  i let the thanks seep back in. In case you want to give it a try, you can model your list after mine, which i am making up as i type:

  • Yay for living in Canada. It’s a shit ton better than some other places i can think of.
  • Cheers to feeling safe. You don’t know how awesome that is until you feel threatened.
  • Heyooo to aforementioned internet connection which makes information insanely available
  • I’m grateful for having everything i need. Everyday.
  • My friends are alright. Thanks god, or, the succession of events which allowed that to happen.
  • Education. God, we are so “blessed” for that. I’d be living with my mom still if i didnt live in Canada. Or in a hole somewhere because I’m disabled and most places aren’t the best with the equality ideals yet.
  • A good family. This is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes, when I’m writing this sappiness in my diary (so cool), I have to watch that I am not too temporarily circumstantial. By this I mean, avoiding things like, “Thanks for my sexyyyy boyfriend. What beautiful babies we will make together.” The driving force to live is change. It’s most dependable to be thankful for ongoing, stable, elements of life.

Thanks for Reading.